GarageBand downloadThere is no download of GarageBand for Windows...

GarageBand download for PC and free GarageBand download are terms that appear frequently in search requests at the GarageDoor. Unfortunately, no such program exists. However, some very useful free recording software is available for PC. For a complete overview, see | Free Recording Software.

GarageBand download?

GarageBand ilifeThe only way to download GarageBand is to purchase Apple's iLife suite ($79).

But there now is a powerful GarageBand alternative available for PC. The name is Mixcraft. With the latest version (Mixcraft 5) available to download, Mixcraft has come of age as a very appealing and fully featured piece of home audio software.

The GarageBand alternative for Windows ....

As enthusiastic fans of GarageBand, we at the GarageDoor are excited about a similar recording package being available for PCs. We are currently reviewing Mixcraft, which resembles GarageBand in many ways, is Windows only, and - we hate to say this - seems to surpass GarageBand in a number of ways. We will have the full review up on the GarageDoor soon.

Mixcraft demo Copy

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is not exactly a new player on the block but it wasn't until version 5 that we began to take notice. This is a well crafted piece of software. Even though we are avid GarageBand fans, we were blown away by the performance of the Mixcraft engine.

We are currently writing a full review of Mixcraft and will post it here as soon as possible. If you are looking to download a GarageBand alternative for your PC, check out the main features below, download the demo copy or buy Mixcraft now for $74.95.

 Mixcraft 5 main features

  • Create an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
  • Arrange and score video tracks, adding music, sound effects, and voice-overs
  • 3000 professionally produced music loops and sound effects in a variety of styles
  • Large collection of virtual instruments, from modelled vintage synths to high-quality sampled acoustic instruments
  • 22 high quality effects, ranging from studio standards like reverb, chorus and EQ, to high-end guitar amp simulators and vintage tube EQs
  • Windows only

Mixcraft mini tips

Mixcraft video tutorials

Mixcraft features

There are free recording programs if you really don't want to spend the $79 it costs to buy Mixcraft. But do be warned that none of these give you that beautiful "realistic recording studio mixing desk" feeling you get when sitting in front of Mixcraft. Or the features. Or the speed. Or the ease of use.

Sometimes, handing over a few dollars pays itself back handsomely in time saved and frustration avoided. Mixcraft deserves the acronym "GarageBand for Windows" and costs about the same as GarageBand: $74.95. .

Convinced? Buy Mixcraft now!

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Mixcraft's own
"Marshall" amp

More on Mixcraft's
virtual guitar amps..

Loops & Sound Effects
Mixcraft includes over 3000 music loops, effects and music beds that you drag-and-drop into your project, an operation familiar to GarageBand users. Combine drum, bass, and guitar loops with synth, organ, pianos, vocals, orchestral and percussion loops to create your own custom arrangement. When you set the tempo and key, the loops will automatically adjust.

*Mixcraft supports Acid and Garage Band loops.

Instruments & Effects
Mixcraft comes with 8 virtual instruments, like the Acoustica Instruments General MIDI sample library, Acoustica Expanded Instruments library, Lounge Lizard vintage electric piano, VB3 tonewheel organ, MiniMogueVA monophonic analog synthesizer, Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer, Alien303 Bass Synthesizer, and Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.

20 high quality effects are included, like the Pultronic Tube EQ, which models the classic tube equalizer found in studios throughout the world, and the Shred Amp Simulator, a complete suite of 5 classic amp heads, 17 cabinet models in separate windows, and 6 effects.

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